Thursday, 15 July 2010

Group Photographs of Crunwere School

The following photographs have been collected by Llanteg History Society over the years.
Most have been published in our books previously.

1909 Crunwere School Group
(published in Llanteg - A Picture Book of Memories)
Photo: Mollie and Hugh James
Wilfred Davies is in front of the teacher on the left.  We have not identified the rest of the pupils but the list of admissions will show who was in the school at that time.

This Crunwere Group was very faded when received.  Mr Parr was the Headmaster.

1930s Group outside Crunwere School (with the Schoolhouse in the background)
(published in Llanteg - The Days Before Yesterday)
Photo: Connie Scourfield

Small Crunwere School Group
(published in Llanteg - Turning Back The Clock)
Photo: Mollie and Hugh James
Back L to R: Verdi James (Blackheath), Bob Davies (Greenacre), Trevor Wolff (School House).
Centre L to R: Jimmy Glanville, Tommy Owen, Billy Davies.
Front L to R: Fred Oriel, Jack Jenkins, Howell Oriel, Hugh Hodge.

1930s Crunwere Group
(published in Llanteg - Turning Back The Clock)
Photo: Bob Davies

Back L to R: Glyn Owen (Syke), Desmond Wolff (School House), Tommy Owen (Syke), Alice Davies (Greenacre), Trevor Wolff (School House), Laura Davies (Greenacre), Billy Davies (Brynely), Jimmy Glanville (West Llanteg), Tommy Glanville (West Llanteg).

Centre L to R: Jimmy Oriel (Garness), ? Herbert, Hilda Harries, Kathleen Wolff (School House), Irene Herbert, Connie Allen (Oxford),Glyn James (Bevlin), Betty James (Bevlin), Donna Mortimer (Summerbrook), Norman Allen.

Front L to R: Hugh Hodge, Geoff James (Bevlin), David Davies (Trenewydd), Herbert James (Blackheath).

1930s Crunwere Group
(published in Llanteg Down The Years)
Photo: Margaret Hooper

Back Row, L. to R: Archie Oriel, Marjorie Glanville, Betty Davies, Geoffrey James, Margaret Glanville, Vaughan Owen, Hughie Harris, Connie James.

Seated, L. to R: Elwyn Davies, Ronald Glanville, Kathleen Wolff, Glyn James, ?, ?, ?, ?.

The above two photographs are the same - only the top one
had the Crunwere N P School 1936 title left on.

Crunwere School Group 1936
(published in Llanteg - Turning Back The Clock)
Photo: Graham Mortimer
Back L to R: Margaret Morse (Fronhaul), Graham Mortimer (Summerbrook), Miss Jones (Narberth), Veena Owen (Syke), Kathleen Wolff (School House), Valmai Herbert (Fern Villa), Jeffrey James (Goitre), Marjorie Glanville (West Llanteg), George Hughes (Mountain View), Archie Oriel (Garness), Cassie James (Goitre), Ivy Allen, Mr. F.E.C.Wolff (Headmaster), Glyn James (Bevlin).
Centre L to R: Clifford Brace (The Mountain), Melfa Davies (Garness Mill), Sylvia Collinwood (York House), Dilys Reynolds (Belview), Olive Davies (Trenewydd), Doreen Phelps (Milton Back), Nancy Phillips (The Folly), Ken George (The Downs), Clifford George (The Downs), Brynmor Wilson (Castle Ely), Hughie Glanville (East Llanteg), Vaughan Wilson (The Moors).
Front L to R: Beverley John (Castle Ely), Walter Morse (Fronhaul), Basil Brace (The Mountain), Noel Davies (Bryneli).

1020s - Crunwere School Football Team
(published in Llanteg - Turning Back The Clock)
Photo: Mollie and Hugh James
Back L to R: Billy Davies, Trevor Wolff, Wilfred Callen, Hugh James, Jim Glanville.

Front L to R: John Callen, Tommy Glanville, David Davies, Verdi James, Hugh Hodge, Howell Oriel, Desmond Wolff.

Crunwere Group early 1930s
(published in Llanteg Down The Years)
Photo: Graham Mortimer
Back Row, L. to R: Mr. Wolff (Headmaster), Geoffrey James (Bevlin), Desmond Wolff (School House), Tommy Glanville (West Llanteg), Laura Davies (Stanwell), Billy Davies (Bryneli), Alice Davies (Stanwell), Jimmy Glanville (West Llanteg), Irene Herbert (Fern Villa), Herbert James (Blackheath), Nelda Lewis (Belview), Miss Webb.

Second Row, L. to R: Ronnie Glanville (West Llanteg), Geoffrey James (Goitre), Aneurin Davies (Bryneli), Hilda Harris (Griggs), Eileen Allen (Ruel Wall), Donna Mortimer (Summerbrook).

Third Row, L. to R: Graham Mortimer (Summerbrook), Norman Allen (Oxford), Jim Oriel (Garness), David Davies (Trenewydd), Hughie Hodge (Ashdale?), Margaret Glanville (East Llanteg), Betty Davies (Trenewydd), Marjorie Glanville (West Llanteg), three Hodge sisters (Bertha, Helen and ?).

Front Row, L. to R: George Hughes (Mountain View) Hughie Harris (Griggs), Ivy Allen (Oxford), Dilys Reynolds (Belview), Clifford Brace (Mountain), Kathleen Wolff (School House), Cassie James (Goitre), Elwyn Davies (Bryneli), Archie Oriel (Garness).

The above very creased photograph is apparently of Amroth School, but includes some children who were transferred from Crunwere when its school closed in 1946.

This photograph has not been used in our books and I will have to try and put names to the faces.